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As Black Lives Matter Maastricht, we demand that:
  • MUMC+Maastricht University Medical Centre is the hospital in Maastricht, owned by Maastricht University.
    should release the autopsy files to the brother of
    Tomy HoltenTomy Holten (40) died in police custody at the Zwolle police station on 14 March 2020. A more in-depth article (in Dutch) about his death can be found here.
  • The law that allows police officers to receive reduced sentences for serious crimes should be overturned
  • The law that allows
    BOAsA BOA (Buitengewoon Opsporings Ambtenaar) is a municipal enforcement officer. The tasks are similar to lighter police tasks (such as issuing fines or making sure people uphold the corona measures) but with less responsibilities. The educational level needed to become a BOA is lower than that of a police officer.
    to carry weapons should not be passed
  • Dutch colonial history and racism should be taught and incorporated into the educational system
  • Research should be done regarding the
    Tax AdministrationThe tax authorities (Belastingdienst) admitted on 10 May 2020 that they selected people for extra checks based on ethnic profiling. Read more about this...
    in order to make sure racial bias is eradicated in other institutions
  • The Maastricht municipality should take a stance on Zwarte Piet and denounce it as racist
  • The First of July (emancipation day or
    Keti Koti1 July 1863 is the day that slavery officially was abolished in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, although the from then on ex-slaves were still forced to work in plantations for another ten years on contract basis. This is why 1 July 1873 is regularly seen as the actual end of slavery on Dutch territories. The day is called Keti Koti, which is Sranantongo for "the chain is cut".
    ) should be made into a national holiday